‘Top of the Mound – Year of the Ox 2021’

‘Top of the Mound’ shown with other artifacts found at the same construction site in January 2021.

In January of 2021, Dasch had the opportunity to hand-excavate a rubble mound on a lot being cleared for construction near his home. Over a week Dasch unearthed a number of items of Oriental origin – Medicinal Bottles, Coins (in rough condition) pottery shards and vessels, Fan – Tan ‘stones’ and Glass Bottles.

With the advent of the New Lunar Year – the Year of the Metal Ox – Dasch decided to decorate one of the generic glass liquor bottles that he unearthed (one of five). Having been born in the Year of the Ox himself, the creation of this decorated vessel was a special experience for the artist.

The bottle is embellished with hand sculpted and painted synthetic clay and includes two Fan – Tan stones from the same site and a small metal ring found in the Nanaimo area.

‘Top of the mound’ – front view
‘Top of the Mound’ – detail
‘Top of the Mound’ – Ox Tail detail
Top of the Mound – Back View
Top of the Mound – Neck Detail